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some Michael McNeilley (aka mcn) links/poems i've found:    (these were last tested on 10-16-08)                          

Dance_of_the_moon_and_sun  --  i think that 7 out of every 10 mcn poems are about love - for all us lobsters and dogs and humans -
love poems are my favorites - i try to write them and sometimes i succeed - the trick, i've found, is to paraphrase a mcneilley poem -
this works pretty well as long as no one has read his stuff.

pull of  the abyss  -- read this one

if you keep a rat in a cage       under the same full moon       How erasers are made

Like trains into tunnels         dip in the pool         a clean shaven man

before the sky begins to grey       visiting hour      Backstage Here at the Cartoon

what you want        i would write you a poem       god's guitar

McNeilley's monsters    11 poems  (he knew who the real monster was, but continuously forgave it)

and don't forget  Fukyu  (or turdku for that matter)

9 poems and a story by Michael McNeilley

Earth Sucks

Oyster Boy Review 6: Salvation and Bliss, Michael McNeilley

and this, don't forget this:  Google Groups  click on that and do a search on "rec.arts.poems  mcn".
lots of mcn poems and comments on the sublime and/or ridiculous missives from other r.a.p. creatures.

some other mcn poems:  
(in a weak moment mcn said "sure, you can put some of my stuff on your website." ...
BUT, if any of these shouldn't be here just tell me and i'll take them off - ray)

First Church of Jesus of the Dead Safeway      Water Wings        value        I_have_to_go_out_today        to_see_without_light

the_you_the_water_remembers        What_Light         Postmortem         when_dogs_fly         As you eat white asparagus with mayonnaise

keep_writing         continuum         Syncretic_Intussuption          the_gods_that_live_in_the_trees_here           Long_Division

The_night_was_dark          I_think_there_are_more_dogs_here             why_I_watch_you_sleep_at_sunrise            cracks_in_the_driveway

Dance_Friends_Dream         elegance         the_opposite_of_winterizing        Dance_of_the_moon_and_sun      The yellow-bellied sea snake

the good ones are      my fault     coffee

some rememberances, pictures, and more poems:

[fallen from grace: choosing my confessions]  - once you get there search for "mcn" on the page (it's at 7.17.2000)

*©*´¯`·-· the hold ·-·´¯`*©* remembers Michael McNeilley

ThunderSandwich.Com TS#10

ThunderSandwich.Com TS#11 - In Memory of MCN

MCN - Hold/Thunder ?


Michael McNeilley and Elaine Thomas

in memory of michael mc neilley - 10.19.45 - 07.16.00/july 2002

MCN - Lyn Lifshin picture

from  9 poems and a story by Michael McNeilley :

Michael McNeilley was Founding Director of the National Student News Service;
worked as a reporter and correspondent in  Washington, DC; and has published hundreds of poems
and stories in magazines such as New York Quarterly, New Delta Review, Poet, Chicago Review,
Oyster Boy Review, Cross-Connect, Sonoma Mandala, Hyphen, Minotaur, Slipstream, Cafe Review,
Pink Cadillac, Chiron Review, Poetry Motel, Plazm, DAM, Lilliput Review, Boulliabaisse, Writers' Forum,
Green Fuse, Rockford Review, Mississippi Review, God's Bar Unplugged, Impetus, Tight, xib,
Penny Dreadful, Exquisite Corpse, Atom Mind
and elsewhere, including websites worldwide.
He was co-editor of Zero City, with JJ Webb, in the '90s. 

McNeilley wrote most of these poems in an old house in Olympia, WA, with a large cherrytree stump
in the backyard where the spirit of his dead brother sits on clear nights, the ghost of a baby possum
on his shoulder, and paints moonlight on clouds high across the Sound.

  if anybody who reads this knows of any more, please send links or text to  ray@wordbiscuit.com

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